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- A super lightweight and robust library for displaying how far a user has scrolled on a webpage.

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Supports all major browsers:
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ScrollProgressBar is easy to implement:

1. Add the script source to your HTML.
2. Start the ScrollProgressBar:
new ScrollProgressBar().start();

There are different configurable options you can implement:


is #ffa453 by default.

Choose the color of the bar. Accepts rgb, rgba, hex + any other CSS-color value.

is 1 by default.

Choose the opacity of the bar.

is top by default.

Choose where you want the bar to be placed on the screen. You can choose between top, left, right and bottom.

is 10px by default.

Choose the size of the bar. Accepts all valid CSS-size values (px, em, rem etc.)

is 9999 by default.

Set the z-index of the bar. 9999 should be fine in most cases, but if it isn't then set it to your desired value.

Test out the different options:

Select color:

Select opacity:


Select placement:

Select size:


Output code:

new ScrollProgressBar({color: '#ffa453', opacity: 1, placement: 'top', size: '10px'}).start();